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Trouble Shooting Tray Making Application

Lanco Adhesives Quality Review

Adhesive Pre-set - The adhesive is too cold and sets before touching both substrates. To avoid pre-set, we recommend increasing the temperature.

This can be done in the tank, hoses, and nozzles. Each area will need to be inspected independently.

Inconsistent air pressure - Fluctuations in the air pressure are leading to inconsistent bead sizes, resulting in some boxes getting more glue than others. Not having enough glue down, can result in some of the pre-setting we were seeing.

Plugged or faulty glue heads - The nozzles are not all closing properly. This creates a drooling effect of the glue dripping

out of the nozzles at all times. This can cause “stringing” in the beginning and end of each bead is applied. Having the nozzles upgraded or replaced will eliminate this issue, and will ensure a proper cut-off and provide consistency.


  • Verify with an external thermometer, the temperatures are correct. This should be around 325-350F

  • Servicing or replacing the glue heads.

  • Make sure the air pressure is consistent from the applicator to the applicator.

We were able to get 100% fiber tear after increasing the temperature, and we are confident we can add consistency to your operation.


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