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Between hot melts, liquid adhesives, specialty labeling, and plenty more, our product offerings are as extensive as our expertise.

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Henkel Adhesives, Power Your Projects with Innovative Technology


Henkel Adhesives is a market-leading brand, known for its unparalleled range of adhesives.
With a focus on innovation to create efficient yet sustainable products, Henkel uses its deep
market and application knowledge to bring the latest adhesive technology for a wide variety
of industrial and personal uses. Their range of adhesives includes instant adhesives, hot melt
adhesives, pressure-sensitive adhesives, food-safe adhesives, and much more.

Each time you choose this brand, you know you will get convenience, optimal performance,
and complete reliability, regardless of the application you need the adhesive for. This is why
we bring you the world-leading adhesive brand – Henkel. With close to 3 decades in this
industry, we understand which products will offer the maximum benefits and offer you a
one-stop solution for all your adhesive needs.

Henkel Adhesives for Every Need

Founded in 1876, Henkel is the global leader in the adhesives market across all industries:

Food Safe Packaging

Henkel has developed a management system for key manufacturing sites that meets the Global Food Safety Industry Standard. Henkel has focused completing certification to following key standards recognized in the food industry:

ISO 22000:2005
FSSC 22000

Packaging and Consumer Goods

Always one step ahead in understanding global consumer trends, such as the rising demand
for more sustainable practices, Henkel offers food-safe packaging products for a wide range
of industries, including packaged food and beverages, plasters and bandages, diapers and
hygiene products, clothes and shoes, furniture and more.

Top Henkel Product Lines

Among the multiple adhesive products offered by Henkel, the top product lines are:


This is a range of water-based adhesives created with innovation and sustainability in mind.
These products have been created to improve the user’s total cost of ownership and the

quality of their end product. Henkel’s Aquence® adhesives are available for a broad range of
applications, such as:

  • For porous substrates

  • Towel laminating adhesives

  • High-performance labeling adhesive for glass containers with hyper-condensation


  • And much more.


Henkel’s Technomelt® is a range of hot melt adhesives designed for a wide range of
applications in a way that streamlines manufacturing, simplifies processing, and offers high-end protection to the end product. The product range includes Henkel's revolutionary low- temperature hot melt adhesives. These products:

  • Offer reliable and easy application

  • Are created with sustainable and bio-based formulations

  • Meet global regulatory compliance and product requirements

  • Ensure excellent cost-performance ratio

Supra Pro Series

The Supra Pro series hot melt adhesives is designed for food safe packaging. The product helps packaging suppliers, food producers and retailers increase consumer confidence in the safety of their products. The food grade glue range serves a variety of application areas, including high speed, low temperature and demanding substrate needs. Advanatges include:

  • Non-stringing behavior and excellent machinability

  •  Optimized formulations reducing the risk-bearing substances far below legally required limits

  • Careful selection of raw materials with detailed information on harmlessness for human health

  • Triple food safety evaluation PLUS: Extension of Henkel’s industry-leading assessment by extra quantitative and qualitative examinations of aromatic mineral oil fraction

  • Extended Food Contact Statement


Meant specifically for the bookbinding industry, Purmelt® ensures high flexibility at both low and high temperatures. It also offers excellent adhesion for PVC and acetate films. The
product cures to its final bond strength within about 1-2 days, depending on the
atmospheric humidity, moisture content of the paper, the thickness of the adhesive film,
and permeability of the material to be bonded.

Lanco Adhesives – Your One-Stop Adhesives Shop

At Lanco, we are not the average distribution solution. Our aim is to be your partner in ensuring the best results each time you need adhesives to complete a project. This is why we only bring you the best performing products in the market, along with:

  • Same-day emergency services

  • Project assessments

  • Product recommendations

  • Technical support from experts

  • Streamlined ordering options

We are always ready to help whenever you need it, at the time and place of your
convenience. That is why we also offer on-site services. We are committed to supporting

you in increasing productivity and product quality through simple, convenient, and reliable
solutions. For this, we bring you the most trusted adhesive brands in the world, including
Henkel’s innovative and powerful products.

We are recognized as a leader in the packaging adhesives market in North America not just
due to our cutting-edge product range but also our excellent customer support. Our experts
are always ready to help with discovering products, learning what will suit your needs the
best, last-minute or emergency needs, technical problems, general concerns, and everything
in between.

So, go ahead and check out our range of Henkel adhesives and contact us if you need help
choosing the right product for your needs.



Between our technical expertise, extensive product offerings, and always-at-your-service local reps, there are more than a few reasons our customers choose Lanco—time and time again.




Whether you’re looking for a speedy solution to a last-minute packaging problem or a new go-to adhesive for your manufacturing plant, the first step is always to get in touch with a Lanco Adhesives expert. Tell us about your technical difficulties, project requirements, or general concerns, and we’ll help you find exactly what you need. 

Whether or not you place an order today, we’re just happy to help. And the next time you need adhesive assistance, you know exactly who to call.

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