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Endlessly committed to the markets we serve & the adhesives they need.

Best Adhesive for Bookbinding


Adhesives are the most complex ingredient of bookbinding materials. Our technical
experts can help you qualify the best spine, side, and mounting adhesives in addition to
PUR and other unique bookbinding applications.

Bottle Labeling Adhesive


All size food and beverage manufacturers rely on the consistency of our hot melts and
liquid labeling adhesives.

Carton Sealing Adhesive


As a major supplier of packaging adhesives, Lanco provides the broadest range of hot

melt adhesives for case and carton sealing for every condition, substrate, process, and


Specialty Adhesives


We stock a comprehensive line of specialty adhesives which includes glue guns, glue sticks, glue squares, and Cyanoacrylates. Please contact us to discuss the proper adhesive for your application.

The Diverse Industrial Applications of Hot Melt Adhesives


Hot melt adhesives or glue adhesives are highly popular among manufacturers owing to their moisture and water resistance, good cost, and versatility. These are thermoplastic and 100% solid at room temperature. Since they don't contain water or any other solvents, this makes them a strong bonding agent. 


If heated above their softening point in temperature ranges of 80 to 200 °C, the solid adhesive liquefies and allows the binding of two surfaces. When it cools down and re-solidifies, the binding effect is enhanced. 


This kind of adhesive is found in various forms in its solid state. These primarily include glue sticks and extend to pillows, chips, pellets, blocks, and beads. As per its application, the adhesive can be rolled on surfaces, sprayed, or extruded from a nozzle. 


At Lanco Adhesives, we have been offering high-quality hot melt adhesives for varied industrial uses since 1993. They have the right melt viscosity, adequate hardness, sufficient flexibility and excellent adhesion with different substrates to provide good tensile strength, shear and peel. 


What Makes Hot Melts an Effective and Quick Bonding Agent?  


A hot melt adhesive is comprised of the following 3 main elements that contribute to its strong bonding quality: 

  • Resin: It provides adhesion and wetting properties. 

  • Polymers: They provide flexibility, strength, and primary mechanical properties. 

  • Waxes or Oils: They allow easy application of the adhesive by controlling its viscosity. 


In a molten or liquid state, a hot melt is applied to a material. After a short open time, the other material is brought into its contact. Since at this point, a hot melt can cool down and set fast, the two materials can be bonded quickly.

What Makes Hot Melts Useful in Various Industrial Sectors? 


The softening temperature of hot melt adhesives is lower than that of many packaging components. The liquefaction of these adhesives allows them to be applied on various surfaces and used in several industrial sectors. Moreover, the fact that they can bond both dissimilar and similar materials increase the versatility of the adhesives. 

On Which Substrates Do Hot Melts Work Best?


Owing to their low melting points, ease of application and flexibility, hot melt adhesives are suitable for diverse materials or substrates. These adhesives can be quite safely used on the following substrates: 

  • Fabrics and paper (used in bookbinding)

  • Plastics (used in labeling bottles)  

  • Corrugated cardboard (used in sealing cases and cartons) 

  • Wood


What Are the Major Industrial Applications of Hot Melt Adhesives?


Our hot melt adhesives are best for the following main industrial applications: 



We provide the best adhesives for bookbinding. Independent bookbinders and manufacturers widely use our hot melts to bind the final product. From hardcover books to magazines and printed reports, our adhesives act as effective book-binding glue. They provide high weather resistance and bonding strength. Moreover, they can keep the flexibility of a book intact. This imparts desirable layflat properties. 


Bottle Labeling 

We provide the industry-best hot melts for bottle labels. The labeling industry appreciates our customizable products that come with a broad range of tack levels. They also have adequate heat resistance and a greater resin content to act as the best bottle-labeling adhesives. 


Carton Sealing

Cartons are used for packaging various kinds of products including hardware, pharmaceuticals, and food. Folding cartons are broadly used in the packaging industry. Our hot melts are excellent adhesives for sealing folding cartons. In this case, they are known for their high pot life (the aging performance of the adhesives), low application temperature, low odor, and versatility in adhesion properties. 


Sometimes, hot melts are also used in woodworking and furniture. The sustainability, quality and efficiency of furniture components matter a lot. Therefore, manufacturers often use these adhesives in furniture assembly applications, paneling, and cabinetry. 


Benefits of Hot Melt Adhesives

  • There is no risk of chemical hazards associated with the use of these adhesives.

  • Since these adhesives cure fast, they easily make way for a much quicker turnaround. 

  • They can bond to a wide variety of substrates. 

  • Hot melt adhesives are easy to apply, whether by using a machine or by hand. 

  •  Since they are 100% solids, the cost can be significantly lower than other methods of binding.

  • Due to their chemical nature, these adhesives can be available in several forms. These include glue sticks, pellets,drums, bags, slats, bricks, and pillows. 

  • Hot melt adhesives can be applied in various manners. These include slot die coating, roll coating, spiral spraying, and extrusion. 

  • The dispensing equipment used for these adhesives is available in different forms like drum or pail unloaders, pre-melters, melt reservoirs and vacuum conveyance. 


Why Choose Us?


At Lanco Adhesives, we offer you the industry-best hot melt adhesives along with the following services and benefits: 

  • Product recommendations

  • Streamlined ordering options

  • Technical support from experts

  • Project assessments

  • Emergency services on the same day


We are always here to help whenever and wherever you need our products. Therefore, we offer on-site services as well. We commit to supporting you in boosting your products' quality through reliable, convenient, and simple solutions. That is why we come with the world's most trustworthy adhesive brands. Our focus on offering high-quality adhesives and improving client satisfaction has made us a leader in this industrial sector in North America.



Between hot melts, liquid adhesives, specialty labeling, and plenty more, our product offerings are as extensive as our expertise.



Whether you’re looking for a speedy solution to a last-minute packaging problem or a new go-to adhesive for your manufacturing plant, the first step is always to get in touch with a Lanco Adhesives expert. Tell us about your technical difficulties, project requirements, or general concerns, and we’ll help you find exactly what you need. 

Whether or not you place an order today, we’re just happy to help. And the next time you need adhesive assistance, you know exactly who to call.

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