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Between hot melts, liquid adhesives, specialty labeling, and plenty more, our product offerings are as extensive as our expertise.

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Adhesive Squares

Adhesive Squares are double-sided pressure-sensitive adhesive dots that have been specially formulated to provide increased adhesion to instantly bond with many surfaces. Easily releasable from the liner, each strip, and patch square are of uniform
thickness resulting in a consistent bond. These squares are widely used in industries like packaging, rework foam bonding, automotive product assembly, and manufacturing, building and construction, food and beverage, furniture or bedding,
and assembly print and mailing. We, at Lanco Adhesives, offer a range of double- sided adhesive squares that ensure effective adhesion of all types of packing in home and industrial applications.

Why Choose Double-Sided Adhesive Squares?


These double-sided adhesive squares are safer and more user-friendly alternatives to other glue and adhesive products. Some benefits of using these double-sided adhesive squares are:

  • There is no chance of excess glue sticking out or spoiling hands.

  • They offer an instant bonding which increases productivity.

  • The absence of any kind of heat or hot product makes the product highly safe and reduces the chances of burns.

  • There are no hazardous fumes.

  • The exact application of adhesive ensures that the product quality remains good.

  • They are simple and easy to use since they do not require any support tools for application. No special training is required to use them.

  • It is not messy since the adhesive is confined to a small surface and there are no residues.

  • Its adhesive strength is instantaneous which means there is no need to wait for it to dry.

  • No chemical reactions are involved and the fixing is immediate.

The quick adhesion offered by these squares speeds up processes and optimizes the working. The absence of any toxic  materials and residues makes double-sided squares a safe option.

Applications of Adhesive Squares


Double-sided adhesive squares offer many advantages and so are used in several industries.


Adhesive Squares find wide usage in Packaging and Fulfillment, especially in multi- packs and seasonal packaging. They are also very effective when it comes to sticking foam to fragile products for Protective Packaging.


The instant bond of these adhesive squares makes them highly useful for aligning or temporarily holding components in place. This feature makes them suitable for use in large-scale automotive assembly segments to small-scale electronics. They are
also an effective solution for multi-stage assembly processes. Major application areas are basket assembly, product assembly, and OEM parts assembly.

How to Choose the Right Adhesive?


Choosing the best adhesive for a specific application is important to save time and effort. Here are some factors that should be considered while choosing the adhesive product:

1. The Materials to be Bonded: Certain adhesives provide better bonding to ceramic or glass. Again, metal and plastic are generic terms that include many different types of materials. This can be resolved by finding out about exact substrate for choosing the correct adhesive.
2. Cleanliness: Most adhesives give good results when the substrates have been cleaned properly.
3. Profile: Products with a low profile are appropriate for thin bonds. Products with a high profile are perfect for gap-filling.
4. Configuration: The dimensions of the parts to be fitted together should be considered before selecting an adhesive. Some adhesives work best with thinner gaps.
5. Tack Level: Different jobs require different tack levels. That is why we offer customizable glue squares that rank from Low tack to Super High Tack.

We, at Lanco Adhesives, strive to help our clients choose the right adhesive for their tasks. Our experienced and knowledgeable team helps clients choose the right products to get the desired finish and bonding. Our team of experts focus on supplying the right product for the right application has made it the leading packaging adhesive leader in North America.

Superior Quality Adhesive Squares on Offer


ATKR-HIGH-1500: This semi-permanent high profile double-sided pressure-sensitive adhesive square is appropriate for sealing cases and cartons, bonding and adhesion of automotive products, manufacturing, building, and construction industries. These
tapes are highly suitable for food and beverage packaging besides use in furniture, bedding and assembly print, and mailing applications.

ATKR-SUPERHIGH-4000: This is a permanent double-sided pressure-sensitive adhesive square that can be used in a variety of applications like case and carton sealing, rework foam bonding, automotive product assembly, and the food and beverage industry. These glue squares can also be used in manufacturing, building, and construction industries besides assembly print, and mailing.

ATKR-MED-4000: This fugitive low profile double-sided pressure-sensitive adhesive square can be sued in assembly print and mailing, case and carton sealing, and automotive products assembly. Some other recommended applications are manufacturing, building and construction, and furniture, and bedding assembly.


Lanco Adhesives offers high-quality products to help our clients achieve the desired results. For this, we have collaborated with the best suppliers and manufacturers besides offering the necessary technical support and after-sales service. Our focus on
offering quality products and the best service is what makes us a leading adhesives supplier in the region.



Between our technical expertise, extensive product offerings, and always-at-your-service local reps, there are more than a few reasons our customers choose Lanco—time and time again.




Whether you’re looking for a speedy solution to a last-minute packaging problem or a new go-to adhesive for your manufacturing plant, the first step is always to get in touch with a Lanco Adhesives expert. Tell us about your technical difficulties, project requirements, or general concerns, and we’ll help you find exactly what you need. 

Whether or not you place an order today, we’re just happy to help. And the next time you need adhesive assistance, you know exactly who to call.

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