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How To Prevent Open End Joints

How to prevent open end joints At Lanco Adhesives we know the challenges you face, and we have the expertise and wide selection of high-performance products to help you succeed – whatever the job requirements or equipment limitations. Open joints at the ends of edge-glued panels are common in cold dry winter months In most cases, they are caused by rapid drying of the panels after gluing. Make sure that the moisture content of the wood is 6-8%, and the relative humidity in the plant is between 30- 40%. Make sure the staves are being prepped/ machined properly before gluing. For ultimate security, Franklin’s Wood-Size concentrate will help seal the end grains and prevent dry air from getting into the glue joints. Your early winter check list should include: • Planer Make sure staves are evenly planed. • Moisture Content of Lumber 6-8% is recommended. • Humidity in Plant May need to introduce humidifiers where lumber is stored and glued. • Secure Clamp Times Ensure enough time in the press. • Wood Size Concentrate Seal end grains to prevent loss of moisture and, ultimately, open end joints. At LANCO we provide personal, expert service Lanco’s professional, experienced staff will meet with you and advise you on the right product for your equipment and application. We provide you with: • Speed – We offer same day and overnight delivery options so that you get the adhesive you need when you need it. • Person-to-Person Service – When you call Lanco during operating hours, you will always be greeted by an actual person who will take your order and answer your questions Support – Our lab and engineering personnel have expert technical knowledge about our products and can assist in troubleshooting problems. Call Lanco for All Your Adhesive Needs For more information about Lanco Adhesives’ products and services for Contract Packagers and Case and Carton Sealing Operations, call 800-223-0069 or visit us at For more tech tips follow us on Instagram @lanco_adhesives 20200105 Photos complements James L Taylor Manufacturing Co.


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